Routine Machine by John Lamerton


I am lucky enough to know John Lamerton the author of Routine Machine pretty well, but don’t think that is going to sway my review as being Yorkshire born and bred I am not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Routine Machine

Routine Machine is not going to tell you what your routine should be, but it will help you establish a routine that is right for you.

By following a few simple steps you can replace destructive habits with productive ones and put much of your daily routines on autopilot.

Read Routine Machine and follow the instructions and before long achieving your goals could be as routine as cleaning your teeth.

John Lamerton has an easy going writing style and Routine Machine is semi autobiographical taking inspiration the from the real life experiences of an ordinary man from Plymouth who has built up a business empire by changing the way he approaches life.

John explains on how making small changes to daily routines can produce massive gains thanks to the snowball effect.

I always believe if you read a book of this nature shouldn’t just discard it on competition, and it helps me If I make a few notes about what I have learned from reading it and what action I can take. Sometimes with a book my notes are fairly short and even non existent, other times they be several pages long.

When I reviewed my notes for Routine Machine one thing stood out, one thing that I had to implement straight away and that simply was: “routines do not become established unless you actually start to do them“.

Routine Machine is available on Amazon both in paperback and kindle formats.